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Development & Production

Development & Production


When we design and improve our products we use advanced algorithms. These are based on scientific calculations within thermodynamics, the fundamentals of heat transfer and fifty years of practical experience of heat transfer processes. In order to ensure that our products meet all requirements, standards and regulations we have lab facilities with the latest technology. We simply want to make sure that we don´t make promises we can´t keep. The lab facility enables us to improve and shorten our development processes. We are able to perform in-house measuring and testing as a part of our continuous strive for excellence.


The high technology and engineering standards within Heatex has resulted in a most effective production, which brings high quality products with a dedicated team securing the process. All our factories use the same advanced Heatex manufacturing equipment ensuring identical premium products worldwide. We have a global network of representatives to support locally regarding the supply, support and associated services of the products. Everything we do is aimed at achieving customer satisfaction.