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Technology & Expertise

Technology & Expertise


Heatex specializes in air-to-air heat exchangers whose purpose is to maximize the heat transfer between air flows. It is our key product, our living and our future. We stand for the highest quality products that comes with long experience.

Furthermore we also provide our customers with solutions and technical support. For us it is essential to understand our customer’s needs and challenges, and give them with the best solution for each project. We have production sites, sales and technical support all over the globe.


All Heatex products are custom made and designed to match the customer’s technical specifications. Heatex heat exchangers are used for energy recovery and humidity control in ventilation applications and in thermal management applications like closed loop cooling.

  • Thermal Management – Air-to-air heat exchangers enable reliable and energy efficient cooling of enclosures with a heat emitting process. Good examples are telecom cabinets, datacenters, sensitive electronics, generators inside wind turbines, solar power plants, etc. Our products are always custom made and specifically designed for each application/customer, and often include advanced casings with fans and airflow regulation.
  • Ventilation – AHU manufacturers use Heatex heat exchangers as key components in HVAC systems for the transfer of heat or cooling and control of humidity between the supply and exhaust airstream.


Heatex Select is our software for performance calculation of Heatex products. Heatex Select, free of charge, always available on-line and always updated, enables accurate calculations of the performance of a product under different conditions.


Heatex has a well established reputation of being a supplier you can trust and where your get reliable data and specifications. We hold several certifications covering product and operation quality worldwide. Our products are field tested and proven to have very high efficiency and a fast return on investment. We frequently send our products to independent labs worldwide for inspection and testing. Heatex heat exchangers are designed to comply with all relevant building codes and regulations. We even have our own test rig similar to the testing facilities used in the approved certification labs.