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Wind power cooling

Wind Power Cooling

Wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, has grown rapidly over the last years. Some countries generate around 40% of its electricity from wind. Wind power is renewable and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation. As the need for wind power rises, Heatex is the perfect partner for manufacturers and operators to improve their products and raise operating margins. We have been providing cooling solutions to the wind power industry for years through innovative applications of our air-to-air heat exchangers.

Our unique patent pending cooling solutions deliver simplified generator cooling without the complexity and weight found in secondary radiators and liquid handling systems. The systems are fully customized to optimize generator operation and fulfill manufacturer requirements.

Read more about our wind power solutions in our brochures, D1 and G1.


    Reliable components without refrigerants minimize maintenance requirements.
    Protects the equipment from outside contaminants in both onshore and offshore applications.
    Significant savings over alternative cooling solutions.

WindTurbine_Direct drive generator cooling

Example of direct drive generator cooling.

Gear box generator cooling

Example of gear box driven generator cooling.